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      Sunday, 3 February 2013

      Game 2: not as good as the race, but still enjoyable!

      The second game is a huge success, and brought all kinds of expectations and hype.
      However, the movie is to live up to all this?
      Race to the contrary - is based on two step brothers - the conflict between the sequel to get revenge. Ranveer Singh (Saif Ali Khan) to destroy money attitude, Malik Armaan (John Abraham), because he had killed a the Ranveer pregnant wife, Sonia (Bipasha Bashu).
      If you have not seen the movie, let me remind you that the future of some spoilers!
      The story begins five Ranveer is stealing from  Vikram Thappar (), the contractor who killed Sonia, and handed them over to Armaan's intention, to gain his trust, and later, destroyed him.
      Therefore, many interesting twists and turns in the plot unfolds, the audience rapt expectation.
      Let me add one appreciates actor here.
      Deepika Padukone acting point. Reception, her acting, she was surprised that people look she do it again!
      Saif Ali Khan, on the other hand, is better in the game. He has done a wealthy business tycoon in the justice of his personality in the game, but in the sequel, his role as Ranveer Singh missing spark.
      Said so much, the casting is undoubtedly a wise decision, rather than A Kesha of Ica Na Yuehan · Abraham. Akshay Qana lack the needed role of personality, and I believe he's under the influence of his brother, Ranvir height. John Abraham's call, however, is necessary, in order to play a strong negative effect, he has the perfect personality behavior, of course, we can not deny that he looks and slim, muscular body, is not a pleasure to watch!
      However, we certainly missed BIPS and touch me, touch me girl, Katrina Kaif.
      Yes, I know, "Katrina is a terrible actress, but the girl has the charm and star power - this is the second field can be used more!
      The highlights of the movie, but still maintain their excellent music audience glued to their seats until the final mash-up songs.
      Bring good music for a long time, Bollywood music director and composer!
      The Tony inteha is a slow, romantic songs, sing our own with Atif Aslam, I am most proud of this beautiful track in Pakistan after the listing. There is no doubt that we have talent!
      He also sang the title song - Allah Duhai sea - with a wide variety of artists.
      For me is excellent latitude lag gayi This is perhaps the most famous movie songs, no doubt everyone in the playlist. The catchy beats and the blockbuster dance performances Jacqueline is a star, will remember for a long time.
      The music is fresh and attractive, it certainly looks like the songs of directors to spend a lot of budget.
      In addition to music, the dialogue is also very enjoyable.
      A very famous race dialogue, Saif face "Katrina" and said: "You touch me touch me, kiss me kiss me ... this time when he faced Jacqui Lin, dialogue becomes "Orr turn of mujhey head TERI LATT lag gayi ......".
      It really cracked the audience.
      I have noticed that most of the movie sequel has failed. Consider 1920 Part 2 or Raaz, they will certainly be disappointed audience. Once the first part is so good, automatically increase the expectations of the audience, because they hope for a sequel than actually provided.
      The second field, did not break this pattern.
      This story is not good enough, but the action, glued the eyes of a person on the screen until the final game somehow missing. As opposed to some of the movies and suspense of the similarities between the two sides betrayal is almost the same. When I watch the game of suspense left me open-mouthed and surprised, but at the same time to watch the sequel, I can easily guess what to next!
      So, to answer my own question, in comparison, race, race 2 less!
      Overall, I give 45 in Game 2.
      While this is not like, like me, want to give up the game, but from a huge race fan like me, I am very satisfied with its sequel, and will go look at it again in the cinema.

      Any body can dance?


      Hollywood Movie, Bollywood trademark steals ideas and concepts from Hollywood, in accordance with the Indian culture and traditions in order to cater to the tastes of local adjustments. What silent movies in Pakistan? It does not even make the effort to walk in the footsteps of replication like Bollywood!

      Recently, any organization can dance (ABCD), India's 3D dance film will reach theaters in February 8, 2013 .. the subject matter of the film's inspiration from Hollywood steps, showing the potential of dance in the United States.

      It is not only the concept is similar, but the casting methods is the same. Strengthen the cast from the American dance reality show "So you think you can dance." ABCD also voted "Dance India Dance India Dance reality show winners.

      The winners of the show Mayuresh Wadkar Gupta Prince Salman Yusuf Khan, the Dharmesh Yelande and Vrushali Chavan CIC. The critical role played by Prabhu Deva, Kay Nongkai and Gottlieb Lauren. The film is produced by Ronnie Screwvala Roy Kapoor and Asia Times Siddharth and 圣雷莫杜泽 director and choreographer.

      At first glance, ABCD - any organization can dance seems to have a certain similarity, from the Hollywood film series Step.

      Prabhu Deva plays a great dancer, the world attributed the collapse, he was expelled from a dance show.He start from scratch from a local street dancers ragtag bunch of. They began to practice in a dilapidated warehouse, and participate in Deva was overthrown in the same competition.

      Dance teacher played by Kay Nongkai wayward cultured elite Dance Company. His mantra is: "A man must dance impressed. However, Prabhu gods teach different mantra, his rag-tag bunch of. According to him, a person must dance to express.

      From India's largest film studio, UTV movies, and a well-known choreographer and director,  first 3D dance movie - spectacular artists from India, proved once again that, if you dare to dream, not what is not possible!

      Unfortunately, Pakistan did not even attempt to try different concepts in the movie. The result is a dying industry, there is no captain. I think that Pakistan has great potential and the film industry needs to take advantage of it. Have a dream, and turn it into reality needs.

      Do you want to be an "online business"?


      We have many people realize, oh, so technologically advanced Western has been in the software and network developers rely on Pakistan for their future IT challenges? Pakistani entrepreneurs have achieved great success in the establishment of the state of the art market place disappointing, is still an apparent lack of concern of the domain name and website brokerage industry.



      This is no longer news, the industry is worth billions of dollars in the website and domain name, such as Flippa through the leading market transactions,

      Interestingly, this is not what the real estate business in the world of e-commerce to flourish. Many turned fortunes overnight just because they retained an Internet properties, such as. com,. Nets, and later, one or another reason, topped the list of requirements.

      Surprising is how to flip the site has become the emerging ready and one of the most profitable companies established a website very similar to a $ 1,000,000 property sale. What is more interesting is that, without any major investment, and did not even trouble to go to the office, a person from their home sales website, blog and fields. Therefore, in recent years, it can be safely said that the sales industry sites can really lift the economy and employment in developing countries.

      People tend to be the future of mobile and Internet industry have been identified, more than imports of rupees of mobile phones and smartphones. $ 3.3 billion.


      Our next course of action should be to our country in order to bring out the best education for young people to invest more time and the potential for more than one way. Government and IT Ministry should also be ready to undertake the task of educating our young people with a variety of online revenue generation options.

      Thursday, 10 January 2013

      New Year fireworks pictures and photography skills

      The New Year the fireworks always gives an upcoming kick off. Is there any way, this is the beginning of this year, some of the magnificent fireworks!

      This is an amazing new year fireworks pictures. These pictures are from all over the world, from Sydney to San Francisco.

      I'm sure you will like these pictures a lot.

      I also added some photography skills, so you can take this charming shot.

      Yes, Happy New Year! :)


      Fireworks at Burj Khalifa, UAE

      New Year Fireworks at Burj Khalifa, UAE

      Fireworks in London

      New Year London Fireworks

      New Year Fireworks Show in Singapore

      New Year Fireworks Show in Singapore

      Kuta New Year Fireworks Celebration

      Kuta New Year Fireworks

       New Year Fireworks in San Diego

      New Year Fireworks in San Diego

      New Year’s Eve Fireworks In Philadelphia

      New Year’s Eve Fireworks In Philadelphia

      Belgrade’s New Year Fireworks

      Belgrade New Year's Fireworks

      San Francisco’s Fireworks

      Fireworks in San Francisco

      Fireworks at Tokyo Bay

      Fireworks at Tokyo Bay

      Fireworks in Sydney

      Beautiful Fireworks in Sydney

      These photos are great, but more in the fireworks picture.
      One more thing, the fireworks are great, but as long as you play with them, to ensure that you are doing security for themselves and others.
      Last but not least, hope you have a very happy new year, and hope that this time, we will keep our new year's resolutions.

      The New Powerful 8!

      Consumers have been waiting for something a little more than the Windows 8 preview polishing before the new operating system, test drive? You do not have to wait much longer. According to Microsoft, you can download Windows8 released a preview from the first week in June.

      They always do, Microsoft will offer free (or discounted) upgrade to Windows 8 running its retail launch later this year. Of course, these upgrades will provide shoppers to buy a new Windows 7 PC from participating vendors after a specific date.

      A period of time on the computer pre-installed Windows 8 to hit the retail shelves this fall - by the end of next year, said Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (Steve Ballmer), which run on computers around the half-billion world.

      Microsoft has sold about 240 million copies of Windows 7, the first year of availability.

      This also may be the best operating system of Microsoft, the latest, and many customers will feel no need to upgrade - reminiscent of the arrival of Windows XP and Vista. However, Microsoft has a wildcard with Windows 8 Tablet PC.

      Windows device on the road, there will be no shortage of new low-cost ARM-powered tablet PCs, laptops, desktops to choose from. From IDC and Gartner analysts had published estimates of about 430 million units of PC sales in 2013. Tablet PC sales expected to exceed this figure, which means a total of nearly one billion devices, with Windows8. They will not be very clear - a large will launch Android, iPad and Mac computer sales will get a large share.

      However, if Microsoft can convince a decent user to upgrade to Windows 8, the drive solid 2012 holiday sales, get new desktop and notebook computers running on (because they do not have Windows 7) 80%, grab a good block of more than 180 million tablets expected in 2013 to sell 500 million units of the device may not be far-fetched as it sounds.

      Wednesday, 2 January 2013

      Change: Will it happen?

      A girl lights candles during a candlelight vigil for a gang rape victim who was assaulted in New Delhi, in Kolkata

      So angry things.
      This is the only tribute we can pay a brave anonymous, anonymity, the 23-year-old girl, after a long and hard struggle to save her dignity, self-esteem and body.
      Anger and anger fester, this issue is still a simple example: India will become a safer place, women do?
      This may be because the Delhi Police to file fast charging table (unlike in other cases of sexual violence) and the judiciary, will also display a sense of purpose in dealing with the brutal rape and murder.
      Many Indian newspapers appear black borders, usually reserved for VIP were killed on Sunday morning, this day, her body was brought from Singapore and Delhi cremation.
      An unprecedented development, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress President Sonia Gandhi in hand at the airport from 4:00 to accept her body in foggy, cold New Delhi.
      In injury and death, she has become a concern to all Polaris India's hundreds of millions of prayer and hope that she will win the battle, the victory of life over death.
      Unfortunately, despite belated efforts, her hospital treatment in Singapore, it is not.
      In life, she was an ordinary girl, living in Delhi - learning, and completed her studies with her family and friends. But she has a great dream, and strive to achieve.
      In life, she got what additional state and society.
      Living in this city, like other girls, she will face a lewd remarks, has been groping struggle in public places, she was attacked, possibly a violation of her dignity, resisted previous efforts.
      Lit candles inside the building, where I live in Gurgaon on Saturday night, there are a bunch of young girls. We talked about the use of public transport, as they say experience is terrible.
      "In the car, I pretended to chat with friends, so this guy know I was waiting, I'm always on my guard," said one of the girls.
      "Daily" is no longer shocks us or moves us.
      As a society, we are accustomed to from the "ordinary crimes" - children of rape, murder, imprisonment torture encounter killing the country.
      The only multi terrible "shake our our sleep.
      This is just a part of life. We are the "good" life with nearly half of the country - in fear.
      However, even if we are very impressed, not only because of the barbaric nature of the use of violent rapists, anger is to be welcomed.
      The rulers of the protests, mocking, mocking, a hope, a certain effect.
      But it will change people's attitudes and ways of thinking?
      Father and mother would tell his son, this is not you hit your girlfriend?
      Father and mother would tell his son, this is not you brush against women in public transport?
      Father and mother will tell their sons, their sisters as equal?
      Father and mother will tell their sons import slogan, we see the streets of New Delhi - which is a piece of clothing, a do?
      Father and mother would tell his son, which is not enough to explore to protest women on the streets of New Delhi or any other place you?
      Khap Administrative Region (SAR), or self-styled moral custodian, announced the death sentence of married women (and men) choice?
      All the right-wing forces do not tell a woman what to wear and to prohibit the use of mobile phones women?
      Moreover, the country how?
      The machinery is mostly male, corruption, contempt, arrogance, self-service, rather than the establishment of women dealing with people.
      It has its own momentum. As long as you are the minions of the country, you can get almost all.
      Therefore, the police began to register complaints of women when they do?
      Women (and even men) feel safe within the police station?
      Terrible, arrogant attitude of the police on the ordinary woman?
      The women of New Delhi and other parts of India's public transport is safe?
      In the past two weeks, we have seen the helpless anger of ordinary people, women and men in New Delhi.
      Now the reverse thinking.
      Public hanging, castration, and shooting the only solution loudly displayed on the TV screen and on the streets.
      Mob justice is never a solution to extreme violence.
      Legal (or even better, stronger) must follow the process. Even if the defendant is entitled to a defense - this is our law, it should remain legal.
      We are not in the business of the people's court and the verdict reached.
      People must prevail, peaceful, and legitimate.